Soya Lite Hold Styling Aid

Gives texture, strength, body, & shine to all types of hair

  • Styling Aid conditioner
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Treatment that protects and restores damaged, abused hair
  • Serves as a sun protector for the hair
  • Contains Hydrolyzed Soya Protein
  • Adds body to fine and very fine hair
  • Adds life to perms
  • Makes styles last longer
  • Formulated from all natural ingredients
  • Perfect for use with curling irons, roller sets, hot rollers, 
    natural drying, air designs and wet looks
  • Will not coat the hair or cause flaking

When to use

Use Soya Lite Hold Styling Aid for wet setting, "scrunch" drying, blow drying, and even natural drying. This styling aid conditioner and sun protector for hair works inside the hair shaft to add strength, texture, and support. It gives hair the appearance of being thicker, while producing brilliant sheen. Soya Lite Hold Styling Aid can also be used on dry hair for sculptured waves and finished looks.