Soya Spray Conditioner

Perfect for eliminating tangles & split ends

  • Recommended for daily maintenance
  • Formulated from all natural ingredients
  • Replaces amino acids lost through blow drying
  • Non-coating
  • Works instantly
  • pH balanced 4.5 - 5.5 (the range of healthy hair and scalp)
  • Eliminates tangles in all lengths of hair
  • Repels airborne dust and pollutants
  • Rejoins broken bonds to give hair bounce, elasticity, and shine
  • Prevents damage to perms caused by brushing and combing
  • Removes static electricity
  • Contains no harmful or coating chemical preservatives

When to use

Soya Spray Conditioner is a daily reconstructor and highly concentrated rinse that eliminates tangles, aids in protecting the hair, and helps prevent split ends. It replaces all of the amino acids lost from the hair due to blow drying and irons. It also rejoins broken bonds giving the hair more elasticity. In longer hair, Soya Spray Conditioner helps remove tangles while repelling dust and other particles. This helps keep the hair shiny and clean longer. Another advantage of Soya Spray Conditioner is that it can be used effectively on permed or tinted hair. Regular use of Soya Spray Conditioner will keep your hair looking better longer by eliminating static electricity and repelling airborne dust and pollutants.