Soya Shampoos & Soya Conditioners

Soya System Products are the first shampoos and conditioners in the world to contain hydrolyzed soya protein. Manufactured specifically for the cosmetic industry, Soya Protein provides nutrients to your hair without harmful chemicals or "by-products". 

Hydrolyzed Soya Protein is scientifically broken into its proper molecular weight by the use of enzymes. Here at Soya System, we choose to use this procedure because of the benefits it holds for your hair. Other protein sources are caustically broken into their molecular structure by the use of Hydrochloric Acid. By using acid, protein molecules do not break down evenly. By using "acid shampoos", most of the protein molecules (that are too big to penetrate) end up getting washed down the drain along with your money. 

Soya System enzymatic procedure breaks down molecules into the exact size needed for a more effective penetration. Your hair will experience new strength, life, and health. 

Soya System products are earth conscious and made from all natural ingredients. Because we use no acids or Animal Proteins (called "waste" or "by- products" for a reason), there is no need for fragrances or strong preservatives to combat decomposition and odor. 

Products that use animal lips, horns, hoofs, skin, and connective tissue can only produce a protein source that is 40 -50 percent pure. This is why all of those conditioners must be left on for so long. Hydrolyzed Soya Protein is 90-95 percent pure and it works instantly. No fuss, no time, and no coating. It's earth friendly,
effective and worth the wait.