Soya Shampoo For Dry Hair

Perfect for dry to normal hair, scalp, & skin

  • Formulated from all natural ingredients
  • Professionally formulated for dry and chemically treated hair
  • Skin cleanser and conditioner
  • Prevents flaking and dryness
  • pH balanced 4.5 - 5.5 (the range of healthy hair and scalp)
  • Contains RNA and DNA
  • Hydrolyzed Soya protein penetrates damaged hair
  • Non-coating
  • Restores hair's lost emollients, pliability, and sheen
  • Gives hair fullness manageability
  • Contains no harmful or coating chemical preservatives

When to use

When the hair and scalp are dry or abused from blow-drying, hot curling irons, over processing, or just naturally dry, Soya System Reconstructive Shampoo penetrates damaged areas of the hair shaft. This reparative action is achieved with each shampoo and since Soya Shampoo won't coat your hair, you can use it daily. In addition to reconstructing damaged hair, Soya Shampoo for dry hair also replaces your hair's lost emollients to add moisture to dry hair and scalp. Soya System Reconstructive Shampoo is the perfect shampoo for dry hair and hair that requires treatment following permanent waving, coloring, or other chemical services. The results are hair that is manageable, full, and shiny.