Soya Ultra Deep Reconstructor Conditioner

Perfect for severely damaged hair 

  • Recommended for daily maintenance
  • Works instantly
  • Non-coating
  • Keeps normal hair in perfect condition
  • For thick to very fine hair
  • For severely damaged hair
  • Rejuvenates "relaxed" perms
  • pH balanced 4.5 - 5.5 (the range of healthy hair and scalps)
  • Rinses easily from hair
  • Formulated from all natural ingredients
  • Contains no harmful or coating chemical preservatives

When to use

Soya Ultra Deep Reconstructor Conditioner is recommended for normal to severely damaged hair and for use before and after any chemical hair process. Soya Ultra Deep Reconstructor Conditioner has a highly concentrated formulation that reconstructs and repairs hair by penetrating the hair shaft. This product will make hair smooth and shiny again, all the way down to the ends. This product is also excellent for baby fine hair.

Use Soya Ultra Deep Reconstructor Conditioner after coloring to close the cuticle giving hair the elasticity lost during the chemical process. The penetrating action of hydrolyzed soya protein seeks out damaged areas of the hair shaft. Unlike other conditioners, Soya Ultra Deep Reconstructor Conditioner works immediately and is non-coating. This highly concentrated formulation is the most powerful hair reconstructor available.