Soya Lite Reconstructor Conditioner

Perfect for coloring preparation & pool protection

  • Formulated from all natural ingredients
  • Removes medication, hair spray, smoke, and harsh trace metals
  • Works instantly
  • Non-coating
  • Returns hair to proper pH level
  • Serves as a sun protector for the hair
  • Protects against swimming pool chlorine build-up
  • Releases tangles
  • Leaves hair soft and manageable
  • Contains no harmful or coating chemical preservatives

When to use

Soya Lite Reconstructor Conditioner ensures successful permanent waves and coloring service by removing hair spray, chlorine, medication, metals, smoke, gels, etc. from the hair prior to the chemical service. It also returns the hair to its proper pH level, which aids in the performance of any chemical service applied to the hair. 

Soya Lite Reconstructor Conditioner is a mainstay in the hair care industry. Professionals use it to prepare hair for chemical services because it neutralizes medication, hair spray, smoke, pollutants, and other harsh trace metals which are present in the hair. Soya Lite Reconstructor Conditioner is popular for home use because it releases tangles and returns hair to the proper pH level. Soya Lite Reconstructor Conditioner is also an effective protector from swimming pool chlorine.