Soya Moisturizer Conditioner

Perfect for dry & damaged hair

  • Formulated from all natural ingredients
  • Professionally formulated to add moisture to dry hair
  • pH balanced 4.5 - 5.5 (the range of healthy hair and scalp)
  • Restores hair's lost emollients, pliability, and sheen
  • Works instantly
  • Non-coating
  • Maintains proper moisture level in hair
  • Contains no harmful or coating chemical preservatives

When to use

Soya Moisturizer Conditioner is the perfect quencher for dry, thirsty hair. It can be used on any type of hair including coarse, curly hair. Use Soya Moisturizer Conditioner when hair, scalp, and skin have become dry and damaged from blow drying, chemical abuse, or just from the natural elements. Soya Moisturizer Conditioner active ingredients make hair more manageable and less prone to static electricity. It also adds pliability and sheen while maintaining optimal moisture by replacing the hair's lost emollients.