Soya Sensation Perm

Professional Permanent Wave - Available Through Your Stylist

(Not for Retail Sale)

  • Self-adjusts to the porosity of any hair
  • Pre-Measured
  • No Additives
  • Regulates porosity of the hair
  • Long lasting waves
  • Auto-timing
  • Leaves hair in excellent condition
  • Water wrapping
  • Rod size designates type of curl
  • No early relaxation
  • Hydrolyzed soya protein fills in damaged hair for more uniform wave pattern
  • pH controlled
  • Excellent results every time
  • No hair dryer needed for processing

When to use

Poly-ionic protein is an automatic, true to rod size, self-timing, self-adjusting perm for all types of hair.  No heat or test curl is needed for processing. Soya Sensation Styling Aid provides the "conditioned" feel of an acid wave, yet gives the long-lasting curl formation of a cold wave. Sensation leaves hair in better condition than before perming.